Sophia Ducas’ inspiration derives from nature and the influences of her life – from her travels across Africa and the East to the beauty that is Mother Nature. Her inspiration develops from the ancient majestic trees and the intricate beauty of shells, which have stood through the ages of time.

A great believer in the creative subconscious, Sophia is led by spontaneous artistic influences found from the environment around her.

Sophia believes that the architectural foundations must meet three attributes of ‘durability, utility and beauty’ – her emphasis falling upon her love of harmony and splendour.

Durability: the endurance and longevity of the building
Utility: the effective practicality
Beauty: the aesthetics of the building and interior design

The fundamental principle of an interior living space is the functionality of its structure, the foundations of the design deriving from the soul of the building.

Continuity of colour throughout the interior enhances a harmonious atmosphere, the entwinement of Sophia’s and the individual’s stylistic taste of textiles and furniture, allows the creation of timeless beauty that is aesthetically pleasing. Each individual experiences beauty in different ways and the positive effect it has on their life.

This allows the different experiences of beauty for one to become immersed within an exquisite balance of art and nature that reflects the client and their lifestyle.

Sophia works with integrity, using natural elements such as: cotton, linen, wool, light, metal, wood and using individual craftsmen to supply products with interior projects. Her philosophy is to mix ‘old with new’, to feel the breath and soul of all its elements. To create detail, balance a sophisticated style that has warmth in its character and an understated glamor and elegance. Thus maintaining a high standard of workmanship, originality and beauty.